The Broken-Hearted Few, with their broken-hearts and their few-ness, popped out and podded together from other bands to play at the LEGENDARY* 'Lancaster Sings Leonard' night.
Maria and Betty aren’t sisters (they have 8 sisters between them, and that’s enough already), nor do they sing like sisters because their voices are so different, BUT there is a spookiness when they sing together that God herself can’t explain.
They don’t write together either. They just fight to come up with the following – the most disturbing song (Maria wins), the most manic song (Betty wins), the most heartbreaking (Maria), the most sunny (Betty! Go Betty!), etc.
And although they love music, that’s where it ends: Maria loves Scottish indie pop, Betty loves American folk. Maria loves Nick Cave, Betty loves Neil Young, Maria loves x Betty loves y.
It’s a match made in heaven.
Anyway they lie down together in a bed of music made by them and the laddies – Neil and sometimes Dan – who have given up (part) of their lives to worship at the womb of woman by freely giving of themselves via tromboning guitar, feedback, buffs, Spanish beauty, a drowning out of the vocals.
*Among 5 or 6 Lancaster musicians.
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